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A Time Lapse Christmas 2011

Date December 25, 2011

Santa brought a little camera that supports time-lapse photos in addition to helmet-mounted video. More on that as Carson gets rolling. But, for now, an unedited 2.5-hour gift-opening experience this morning compressed into under 2 minutes. If the video below doesn’t show up, you can view it on YouTube here. Merry Christmas!

Nothing Says “Fire” Like Moose Poop

Date October 25, 2011

In a mad fit of work avoidance last Saturday, Benton and I busted out the milk crate of firestarter-making supplies and got busy. This was a milk crate in my workshopt that had slowly been accumulating all of the necessary ingredients: Egg cartons (Carson eats 4 eggs a day for breakfast these days…followed by a […]

New Orleans — Summer 2011

Date August 4, 2011

On something of a lark, I flew down to New Orleans for a long weekend a couple of weeks ago to meet up with some industry peers whom I mostly know through Twitter and blogs, but most of whom I’d met in person at least once. It turned out to be a pretty interesting trip. […]

Boring Bookshelves Post

Date May 11, 2011

A few weeks ago, it looked like I was going to have a clever, “Aren’t we crafty?” post where I would include both a picture of the bookshelves I finished building for our basement (a simple “more horizontal space to store crap on” project) and Julie had finished a sewing project that was initiated 2.5 […]

Water Over the Dam

Date April 24, 2011

It’s been a rainy few weeks in central Ohio. Rainy enough that the O’Shaughnessy Dam five minutes from our house is pretty much running wide open. And, the city just spent a few months paving and overhauling the park above the dam, so it seems to get pretty steady traffic of people coming down to […]

2011 Spring Break Part 3: Niagara Falls

Date March 29, 2011

The last leg of our trip was to Niagara Falls — the Canada side. Julie, who manages to plan these sorts of things perfectly, landed us a room at the Embassy Suites with quite a view: I couldn’t resist seeing if I could get decent pictures at night… …and as the sun came up: Not […]

2011 Spring Break Part 1: San Francisco Sans Kids

Date March 27, 2011

Two weeks ago today, I got in my truck and drove to Cleveland to catch a flight to the west coast. 12 days and 6 beds later, I returned home this past Friday. The quick rundown looks more like one of my parents’ itineraries than one of mine, but it went like this: 3 nights […]

Checking Out the Bears

Date December 29, 2010

On Sunday, as part of the post-Christmas-Day, unplanned-kinda-weird-kinda-crashy-time-moves-a-little-odd passing of the time, I got the idea to head over to the zoo to check out the polar bears, as I had yet to have seen the exhibit since it opened earlier this year. One of the many perks of which we were totally unaware when […]

Fun with HDR

Date December 28, 2010

HDR is “High Dynamic Range” photography. It actually traces its roots back to photographers trying to figure out how to capture the most useful photographs of nuclear blasts. Put simply, think about a photo of a person in dark clothing standing on a hill of snow. 99% of snapshots in this situation underexpose the person […]

We’ll Be Back Soon…

Date October 21, 2010

“Why has all been quiet on the Wilsons’ blog?” you’ve been asking yourself. “Every morning, I jump out of bed and race over to check for another update…and it’s been nothing for almost two weeks!” We hit something of a perfect storm. For starters, I was out of town Monday-Wednesday for two weeks in a row for […]