My Parents’ Retirement: 44% Ain’t Bad for Five Weeks

Date July 1, 2009

My parents just returned from their 5-week Alaskan odyssey. They reported that, between the two of them, they saw 199 species of birds (they each saw 198, and each saw one that the other did not see). Apparently, there are “as many as 450 species of birds” in Alaska, which means they saw 44% of […]

A Glimpse into the Elder Wilsons’ Global Birding

Date June 1, 2008

If you’ve talked to my parents about birding at any length, you’ve probably heard them refer to “Jack-and-Ed” — Jack Cole and Ed Frost, who are California-based fellow birders with whom they frequently meet up for various birding trips (Ed Frost is the son of the late “Mrs. Frost,” who lived in Sour Lake and […]

Another Outing with Carson

Date December 2, 2007

We were out of deer feed for our backyard visitors, so Carson and I made a run up to Delaware (Ohio) to Champaign Feed and Supply yesterday. On the way, we stopped off to check out the Ohio Wildlife Center satellite facility that I’d noticed on my last trip up to Delaware. It’s just 10 […]

Taking an Experienced Birder’s Advice

Date October 10, 2007

“Son,” the grizzled retiree with the scraggly goatee and the stud in his ear said, as they stood in Lowe’s pondering avian feed, “Black oil sunflower seed is the only way to go. You see this stuff over hear with this meal in it? That’s worthless. Yessir. Black oil sunflower seed. That’ll bring the birds […]