Alana’s Belated Tea-Birthday Party

Date October 17, 2011

While I am far behind on posting, and Alana did turn six back in June, and this is a post about Alana’s birthday party…the party occurred less than two weeks ago. You see, June was a busy month. School was over, summer travel was kicking into high gear, and Alana turned six. But, she didn’t get a party, […]

She’ll Be Turning Six Any Day Now

Date July 4, 2010

We’ve logged around 60 hours in the car as a family over the past month, and that’s not counting various travels by plane, so I’ve been falling behind on the blog front. Alana’s birthday was a couple of weeks ago. And she had a party. And she had a good time. And it would be […]

Benton’s Birthday

Date March 29, 2010

Benton turned 11 last Saturday (the rollerblades were actually a birthday gift he got a couple of weeks early from his grandparents): Because we’ve hit spring break, it’s not a good time for him to have much of a celebration with his friends, so that’s been postponed until some time in May. But, he did […]

Alana’s Birthday was in June…

Date August 9, 2009

Julie won a gymnastics birthday party in some sort of silent auction fundraiser, which meant Alana’s birthday theme was pre-ordained. It worked out well (Benton and I missed it due to one of his baseball games). There was a good mix of kiddos (the beauty of neighborhood hand-me-downs — only one of the boys in […]

Alana’s Birthday Continues…

Date June 8, 2009

Alana’s birthday is not for another week-and-a-half, but she has started celebrating early. First, she got to have a fancy luncheon with Julie and Grandma Marilyn. Then, during our visit with the Bones in Dallas, she got a Build-A-Bear as an early birthday present from Bruce and Cheryl. Alana, Julie, and Aunt Cheryl headed out […]

Alana’s dress-up luncheon

Date May 28, 2009

After heading to her 50th High School Reunion in Akron, Grandma Marilyn came to town.  Since she won’t be here in June when Alana celebrates her 4th birthday, Grandma took her out on a special birthday luncheon. This ladies only-luncheon was a dressy affair to the Cheesecake Factory.  Alana dried her hair, picked out her […]

Easter Weekend at the Farm: Grandpa’s Birthday

Date April 15, 2009

Two cakes and five grandkids singing you happy birthday ain’t bad.

Spring Break 2009 in Review

Date April 2, 2009

Here is a very brief review of Spring Break.  Our trip started on March 20th when we headed out to Charlotte, NC to see family.  On Sunday, March 22rd, Tim returned home while I headed on to Virginia to help my mom, aka Grandma Marilyn, recover from back surgery and see more family.  All the […]

Alana’s Birthdays – 0-1-2-3

Date June 22, 2008

I can’t let Alana’s birthday pass without bringing up a few pictures from the past. So, here is Alana as she looked on her first 4 birthdays: Day of her birth: Birthday # 1: Birthday # 2: (celebrated with good friend Angela and one of Angela’s dolls) Birthday # 3:

Alana enjoying her new presents

Date June 20, 2008

Alana got a lot of great presents for her birthday. I managed to snap a few shots of her enjoying those presents during her party.