A Time Lapse Christmas 2011

Date December 25, 2011

Santa brought a little camera that supports time-lapse photos in addition to helmet-mounted video. More on that as Carson gets rolling. But, for now, an unedited 2.5-hour gift-opening experience this morning compressed into under 2 minutes. If the video below doesn’t show up, you can view it on YouTube here. Merry Christmas!

Christmas at the Wilsons in 29 seconds

Date December 26, 2009

Camera, tripod, remote shutter release –> Picasa:

Merry Christmas!

Date December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas! Carson came home a week or so after Thanksgiving talking about how he needed to leave food out to attract an elf. His first concoction (Cheerios and a chocolate bar) didn’t take, but he got additional guidance from his friends the next day, and, on his second attempt, an elf indeed appeared the following morning. […]

Okay…a little more Christmas

Date December 14, 2009

Alana practices for her school’s Christmas program — that’s singing and sign language, folks! My apologies if the video doesn’t play — click through on the image if you’re viewing this in e-mail and you should get to see it. You might have to turn the volume up a bit.

Post-Christmas Company Round 1

Date January 1, 2008

Julie’s brother and his wife, Patti, came down for a few days after Christmas. As always, they were a hit with the kids. They brought their dog, Petey (or “Petey the Flatulent” as he will be known henceforth and forthwith — an unfortunate side effect of some antibiotics he was on). Petey is part cat, […]

A Camouflage Christmas Runs Late into the Night

Date January 1, 2008

Benton and Carson both got full camouflage fleece ensembles — pants, sweatshirts, and gloves. I think they’ve taken them off once or twice since Christmas day. Julie decreed that we go on a Christmas afternoon death march. The picture below was the most positive that the three kids were about the outing…and this was before […]

A Pink Princess Christmas

Date January 1, 2008

Our family room on Christmas morning was a festive medley of red and green…and pink! Not shown in the pictures below is the pink princess Big Wheel. And the Cinderella fleece blanket is not really done justice. And the fact that the book in the second picture is actually personalized for Alana (she and her […]

Pre-Break Projects

Date January 1, 2008

A couple of weeks before Christmas, Julie’s aunt, uncle, cousin, and cousin’s two sons drove down from Cleveland/Wadsworth to make buckeyes (peanut butter and chocolate) and Christmas cookies. Alana really got into “painting” the cookies: At school, Benton had a multi-week “heritage” project. He chose Poland and did quite a bit of research, which resulted […]

‘Tis the Season…

Date November 19, 2007

Julie has learned that the best way to keep me from grousing about the impending appearance of Christmas decorations is to just start decorating. As you can see, she had a couple of elves who were eager to assist!