Finally, real progress today…but my back is sore

Date August 22, 2007

Julie took the kids to the Columbus Zoo today, which is very close to our house. It’s actually Jack Hanna’s base of operations, which is pretty cool! I hung around the house waiting for the cable guy. This was the specialist who was going to do a couple of tricky drops in the house. He […]

Google ROCKS!

Date August 19, 2007

Tim’s departure from Dripping Springs: 1:55 AM (CDT), Saturday morning Arrival in Dublin, OH: 10:22 PM (EDT), Saturday evening Google trip time estimate: 19h 42m Actual trip time: 19h 27m That’s a variance of 1.3% by my reckoning, which ain’t bad! Unfortunately, Molly didn’t take off either time that I let the dogs out of […]