Then and Now: Alana’s Hair

Date July 1, 2008

Though sleeping in the car seems to be coming a less frequent past time for Alana, she still manages a few good, head-dropping, dead-to-the-world snoozes. Notable here is not so much how much she has grown, but how much her hair has grown. Then: Alana in July 2006, Age 1 Now: Alana in April 2008, […]

No Sleep Mask Required

Date April 22, 2008

Trips to Bob’s farm in West Virginia are pretty much always on the “over-” end of The Stimulation Spectrum for the kids. And, a 3.5-4 hour drive back home is where the crash can hit. Especially Alana. Clearly, she had already been enough of a handful in the morning as we packed up that we […]