Two Years Removed…But Still Compatible

Date August 16, 2009

Our two-part visit with the Herberts — great friends from Austin — wrapped up early on Saturday morning when Bob and Jack flew back to Austin. They swung through Columbus on their way back to Austin from Michigan (they also had stopped — with the Herbert women in tow — on their way to Michigan […]

A Trip to the Columbus Zoo with the Herberts

Date August 10, 2009

We had a visit from some good friends from Austin for a couple of nights last weekend. I met Bob the week after Jordan, his oldest, was born. His mother-in-law was in town from Michigan to help with the baby, which meant he was spending a lot of time walking their dog and looking for […]

Family Vacation Part 8: Hangin’ with the Herberts

Date August 28, 2008

The trip to Maine was planned for almost a full year, largely because, as we moved away from Austin, we knew we were moving away from a family with whom we’ve become very close over the last decade — the Herberts (I tend to get in a visit with Bob of some sort on virtually […]

Family Vacation Part 7: Around the Falls

Date August 27, 2008

We did a couple of day hikes — one with just the Wilsons to Smalls Falls, and then another one after the Herberts arrived to Angel Falls. Smalls Falls There will be a “Then and Now” post at some point from this hike…but that’s for another time. Smalls Falls doesn’t really have much of a […]

That was so much fun we should do it again TOMORROW!

Date February 1, 2006

Now that Benton is well on the road to recovery from his salmonella/pneumonia/abscesses-in-leg-muscles-and-bones experience, he’s back to going to school full time, and I’m back to driving him there at 7:00 in the morning. I could probably start up a separate blog solely devoted to our exchanges. He’s not so much entertaining in the “funny […]