Skiing: Carson’s Perspective

Date December 27, 2011

Using the same little camera that I used for the Christmas morning time lapse post, we now have a gadget that is good for helmet’s-eye view of all sorts of activities. Our first published attempt (video by Carson, video editing and music by me) is a tad long (5 minutes), but it gives a pretty […]

Hitting the (Grassy) Ski Slopes

Date October 26, 2011

Julie, Alana, Carson and I headed out to our local ski resort on Sunday to see if we could pick up some cheap gear for the coming season. While Julie rifled through the equipment, I took the kids up the slopes on the ski lift they had running (I was struck how much closer and […]

Back to the Slopes

Date January 9, 2011

Hmmm… weekly passes means there’s a risk that there will be a weekly post on this subject. Maybe not. We’ll see. The thermometer read “7 degrees” this morning when we got up, but the temperature was supposed to get up into the high 20s. As it turned out, it was a cloudless, windless day, so […]

The Whole Clan Hits the Slopes

Date December 30, 2010

One of the big Christmas gifts we got this year was “once a week” passes to the local ski slopes, as well as some lessons. Benton, Carson, and Julie skied once last year, but Alana had never skied, and I hadn’t skied since the early 1990s (and that was a one-week ski trip in Vermont — […]