Mother’s Day 2011 in Review

Date May 9, 2011

Three kids, all caught on (digital) film. Alana Saturday afternoon: wraps Mother’s Day presents. Saturday night: “Dad, wake me up early in the morning so we can go downstairs and make mom breakfast in bed! We’re going to make her pancakes because I know how to make them!” Saturday morning, a good 45 minutes before […]

A Mother and Her Daughter

Date May 10, 2009

Appropriate for Mother’s Day, a selection of photos from the past week of Julie and Alana. From a Mother’s Day activity at Alana’s school: And, because of Alana’s semi-funky school schedule, a shot from a Mother’s Day activity on a different day at the same school: And, snuggling at Carson’s (windy/chilly) soccer game on Saturday: