Visiting the Farm: Part 6 — The Laborers

Date September 18, 2010

Julie has to give Bob a direct order to take a break from back-to-back tasks to spend time with his kids/grandkids… She was successful — once — during our visit, convincing him to take a break for a family walk: Pam vacillates between pushing Bob to slow down…and enabling him. She has been brainwashed, we […]

Happiness Is Watching Your Son Mow the Yard Voluntarily

Date October 4, 2009

When Julie and I went to Boston a couple of weeks ago, our yard went for two weeks without getting mowed. Combine that with a pretty wet couple of weeks, and our lawn was out of control. While Julie was taking her mother back to Virginia with Alana and Carson, Benton and I tackled a […]