Visions of a Future Teenager

Date May 6, 2009

Aunt Kim took Alana for her first professional manicure during her visit last week. The nail polish lasted a lot longer than it normally does when I apply it, but, nonetheless, by Saturday night, Alana had decided that she was due for a new color and got the babysitter to tackle the task while Julie […]

"Stop it, Carson" — Practice Makes Perfect

Date December 28, 2007

Alana wandered into my office this morning to ask if I would paint her nails purple. I painted her nails purple at lunch yesterday…but that was apparently the wrong bottle of purple nail polish. I’ve held her off until lunch today. She stuck around to do some drawing on my whiteboard and listen to the […]

Cheap nail polish and date nights

Date October 14, 2007

A brief and rambling update… Alana was long overdue for having her fingers and toes redone. “I want BLUE!” Blue was the $2 bottle we bought when we also bought purple several weeks ago. It turns out…$2 buys you approximately 2 hours on the fingers of an active 2-year-old. It was good and dry by […]