Alana’s and Carson’s First Sleepover

Date June 2, 2010

Two Fridays ago, we wound up with an afternoon of Cooperating Kids in our basement — Alana and Carson from our house, Alex from across the cul de sac, and Delaney from down the street. The cooperative play lasted for hours and hours and on into the night, so Julie (who had been up until […]

Benton’s Belated 9th Birthday Party

Date May 31, 2008

With Easter and Spring Break overlapping in late March, Benton’s 9th birthday was celebrated in Virginia at Grandma Marilyn’s house with my cousin, a great aunt, and other friends and family. It just wasn’t going to pan out to have a birthday party with his school friends at that time. So, by the time we […]

Soccer Season Ends

Date May 23, 2008

It was a season marked by some rain, some cold weather, and lots and lots of fun. On Saturday, May 17th, Carson finished up his soccer season with a really beautiful, albeit cool, May day. It was a busy day, but to really appreciate the day, you have to realize that Friday was Benton’s much-delayed […]