Officially on Two Wheels

Date May 9, 2009

As soon as the Trail-A-Bike arrived for my Mother’s Day present, Caroline, an almost 5-year-old neighbor and playmate of Alana’s, wanted to take her training wheels off her bike.  She started practicing on the grassy hill in her family’s backyard.  While playing at her house, Alana tried riding on two wheels and, thus, began the […]

When a Third Wheel Ain’t a Tricycle

Date April 29, 2009

Ever since my mom was in town and she, Julie, and Benton made a run to the bike store to get Benton a new bike for his birthday, Julie’s been dropping hints about how summer’s coming, Alana’s good on her bike but-can’t-really-go-long-hilly-distances, and how they have these tow-along-bikes that might be just perfect. Once I […]