Peanut Capers and Economic Theory

Date February 10, 2006

Warning: More anecdotal rambling about the UT-USD series. When Greg Phelps was down for a visit last year, we went to a couple of UT baseball games together. Traditionally, I’d been a hot-dog-and-Coke guy at the games, but he got a bag of peanuts. Peanuts and baseball. As cliched as it gets…but they do go […]

Best Heckles from USD Fans

Date February 8, 2006

“Hook ’em horns?! More like ‘Hook ’em up to life support!” “How did you get on the mound? The Make-A-Wish Foundation?!” “Burnt orange?! Burnt toast!” (Heckling Jordan Danks, who opted to come to Texas rather than going in the first round of the MLB draft): “Our freshman (Josh Romanski) is better than your freshman!” (Romanski […]

0-3, but I’m not really complaining

Date February 6, 2006

The series didn’t go as planned score-wise, as the Longhorns lost to USD 4-2, 6-0, and then 12-8. On the one hand, quite a shocker. On the other hand, baseball is one of those games where anyone can win any game on any given day. On the other hand…three days in a row?! When it […]

One week to go…

Date January 27, 2006

One week from now, I expect to be sitting at a hotel bar in San Diego, nursing a beer, and breaking down the first game of the University of Texas 2006 baseball season. The Longhorns are opening up this year against the University of San Diego Toreros. This is my second year in a row […]