Entries from August 2007

Working for one of the fastest growing private companies in the U.S.

Date August 27, 2007

While I was out last week, the announcement came out that Bulldog Solutions had been named to Inc. magazines Inc. 500 list — 500 of the fastest growing private companies in the U.S. That’s kinda’ cool. We’d known about it for a while, but it’s now public knowledge: http://www.bulldogsolutions.com/inc500.php . Interestingly, Inc. changed the list […]

Elders these Days…

Date August 25, 2007

It seems as though the elders in my family are in cahoots to cast off the norms of their generation. What kind of example are they setting? At top is Unc (aka Bill Love), my maternal great-uncle. At bottom is my dad (aka Larry Wilson). My dad sequenced things as follows: 1) facial hair (strictly […]

Then and Now

Date August 25, 2007

Not actually the comparison photo I was looking for, but it’ll do:

1 Head + 2 Arms + 2 Legs + 2 Feet = 3 Kids?

Date August 25, 2007

Count ’em!

Pickin’ Tomaters at Grandpa Bob’s House

Date August 25, 2007

The kids got the chance to go out and search for vine-ripened tomatoes in Wadsworth. I can only hope that Alana doesn’t get confused, in that the same type of bag apparently gets used for collecting tomatoes that gets used for picking up dog poop. The same type , mind you — not the same […]

Doesn’t the Prospect of a Swim Make Any Kid Happy?

Date August 25, 2007

One of the kids’ many trips to go swimming at various places over the past month. And…heck…they actually stopped and smiled at the camera! A rarity!

A Boy and Some Suction Cups

Date August 25, 2007

Julie has indicated that I have been slacking on the "kid anecdotes" front, so I’ll try to correct that. During the course of the move — packing and unpacking — the kids consolidated their collection of Nerf suction cup missles/bullets. They have any number of devices that shoot these things. Carson, was inspired to make […]

Finally, real progress today…but my back is sore

Date August 22, 2007

Julie took the kids to the Columbus Zoo today, which is very close to our house. It’s actually Jack Hanna’s base of operations, which is pretty cool! I hung around the house waiting for the cable guy. This was the specialist who was going to do a couple of tricky drops in the house. He […]

MIT has excellent taste in writing, if you ask me…

Date August 22, 2007

Talk about getting an e-mail out of the blue! I received the following today from Curt Newton, the Publication Manager for the MIT OpenCourseware project: Dear Tim, I’m working with Prof. Brody to publish some materials from 21M.785 “Playwright’s Workshop” in OpenCourseWare. We’d like to include several examples of student-authored plays, including your script for […]

What Does It Take to Get Julie to Tie a Dog Up in the Backyard?

Date August 21, 2007

Molly found out today. Julie, her mom, and the kids headed to the boys’ school this morning while I made a Lowe’s run. We left the dogs inside, since our new house does not have a fenced backyard. That is, our new house with white carpet in many of the rooms (this becomes important shortly) […]