Entries from September 2007

A Long and Rambling Update

Date September 30, 2007

While I was fiddling around with putting together documentation for Julie as to how to post updates to this blog, I re-realized that there is a feature in the tool I use that allows blog posts fairly simply (apparently — we’ll see) through e-mail. Not only will this sort of feature seem old hat to […]

My cousin. Is. A. Bad-ass!

Date September 25, 2007

Up-Front Apology: My apologies for the language in the title, but I genuinely could not come up with a better term. Techno-Speak Warning: I’m adding this after re-reading my post and realizing that many of the references, which I have tried to cross-link to more detailed explanations, will go way over the head of a […]

Wracked with Indecision!

Date September 20, 2007

One of the handful of must-dos on our move list was that I’d get to pick a Carol Watson picture to buy to decorate my home office. I’ve known Carol for, gosh, seven or eight years, and I’ve been hooked on her photography pretty much from the first picture I saw. She had a showing […]

There’s a NEW Way to Get These Updates Via E-mail

Date September 19, 2007

I finally got some time to play around with Feedburner some more, which means I’ve shifted the delivery options for anyone who wants to get this blog landing in their inbox. Just click on the Subscribe link at the top of this page. That will kick you to a Feedburner page where you can choose […]

In Lieu of a Date Night, We’ll Go with a Blog Post

Date September 18, 2007

Ah, the challenges of moving to a new town. Julie’s been checking out babysitting options practically from the moment she hit town. For the short-term — until we build up contacts elsewhere — she thought she had a winner with a babysitting service. You pay a sign-up fee, then some nominal per-use fee, and then […]

[Guest Blogger (Mostly)] Alana’s hairdos: A Retrospective (and other Wilson updates)

Date September 13, 2007

It’s on our list for me to do a quick training session, perhaps with a bit of documentation, so that Julie can, when the mood strikes her, post to this blog directly. For now, though, I’ll pass along one of her updates. ***********Start Guest Blogger************ Hello! In an attempt to get NO laundry folded this […]

And Aunt Kim Provides the Perfect Follow-Up

Date September 11, 2007

The title of this post references the prior post. I had dinner with Kim and my parents tonight. And, although I didn’t catch the full details (something about a charity auction…and a friend of hers from Pittsburgh…and Wammo), but I walked away with an Asylum Street Spankers T-shirt for Alana! They’ve been around for years […]

The Cutest Moon in the Northern Hemisphere

Date September 7, 2007

The Dogs Have ALMOST Recovered

Date September 7, 2007

Elwyn’s an old man. He’s outlived any of Julie’s previous dogs by half a decade, and we all know that Julie hasn’t had a dog that wasn’t in the 99th percentile when it comes to coddling and TLC. Starting in April or so, as Elwyn continued to wheeze loudly when he was hot, excited, or […]

The Inaugural Farm Trip — Part Deux

Date September 3, 2007

In my last post, I promised mention of the two main adventures of the weekend. We’ll start with an incident that will, henceforth and forthwith, be referred to as, “When Two Rocks Collide.” The picture below is from Sunday morning, when Julie and I and the five cousins headed down to the river for some […]