Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

Date December 21, 2007

It’s been over a week since we posted on this blog, which is, unacceptable!

For me (Tim), I’ve been spending what free time I’ve been able to find working on a bunch of internet-related projects that are not this blog:

  • Completely changing the underlying platform (from Blogger to WordPress) for my other blog (and adding content and categories there)
  • Setting myself up with an effective Netvibes page — I now can check news, my personal e-mail, the Woot deal of the day, my Facebook account, all of the blogs I subscribe to, and get to my del.icio.us tags all at a single location; recommendation: find some kid like Kristin Farwell and figure out what technologies she uses…and play around with them!
  • Fiddling around with Twitter and Pownce — I’ve been a sporadic user of Twitter (but I still think I’m doing better than Chris Wilson on that front!); I jumped over to Pownce for a bit when Connie Bensen rallied troops to temporarily migrate during a 12-hour planned Twitter outtage
  • Working on changing my habits to really use del.icio.us consistently — it’s come in handy with all of the above efforts…as well as Christmas shopping collaboration with Julie!

All of the above falls under the heavy blurring between my work and personal life, which, overall, is pretty cool in my book (although I realize your head might be spinning at this point).

“Social Media.” Have you heard the term? Every link in the above list counts as an example. But, one thing that’s not included is “social media for social good” — a great, current example is the Frozen Pea Fund, which is a Twitter-driven effort to both raise awareness and raise funds for breast cancer research. If you follow no links in this post but that one, you’ll be in good shape and, I hope, be somewhat inspired/moved by what all this technology can do.

With that, I’m going to wrap up this post. I’d intended to throw kid updates in…but I’ll do that separately.

3 Responses to “Excuses, Excuses, Excuses”

  1. Anonymous said:

    Hey Tim,
    It’s nice to see your other blog.
    Give yourself a break from blogging – the maintenance stuff takes time.

  2. kristin said:

    Ha. Thanks for the props. 🙂 Your other site looks good! Are you liking WordPress? I see you’re following the BDS branding guidelines w/ the opposite rounded/straight corners on the boxes. 😉

  3. Gilligan said:

    @kristin Egad! The opposite rounded/straight corners…was totally unintentional! Subconscious, perhaps?

    I’m loving WordPress. Seems like converts cropping up all over the place. Whether or not I cut *this* blog over remains to be seen. I had some hiccups with images in the import, and there are a lot more here.

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