Entries from February 2008

Spousal communication

Date February 26, 2008

Julie and I were ribbing Benton this morning. He was taking it pretty well, but reaching his limit. The following exchange ensued: J: That’s enough. T: You started it. J: No you’re not! T: What? J: You’re not sorry! T: I didn’t say I was. I said, “You started it.” J: Oh, I thought you […]

And It’s Time for Another Word-Free Alana-Centric Post

Date February 24, 2008

The Hideout Is ALIVE!!!

Date February 24, 2008

Way back when we were still living in Austin but had a contract on our house in Ohio, I floated the idea with the boys about how the basement was big enough that we could probably build a little hideout in one corner. Benton, especially, was pretty keen on the idea, and he asked every […]

We’re Not in Austin Any More, and Voting is HARD!

Date February 24, 2008

I’ve just sealed up my Ohio absentee voter ballot and put it in the mailbox for pickup tomorrow afternoon. That’s in plenty of time for the March 4th primary, and the process has been enlightening. With all of the hullabaloo around equitable access and accuracy in ballot-casting over the past seven years, getting to the […]

When I get bigger…

Date February 22, 2008

Wait a minute. Isn’t that Carson’s booster seat that Alana’s gotten herself strapped and settled into? Then, where’s Carson? Oh. Note the lack of keys in the ignition.

It’s a Big, Quiet House…

Date February 21, 2008

How the next few days were supposed to play out: Thursday afternoon — Benton would head to the orthodontist to get his first round of braces-type hardware (a palate spreader — he’ll wear it for six months); he was pretty excited about that. Friday evening — Julie would take the boys and headsto Wadsworth; Alana […]

And the Tetherball Woes Continue…

Date February 19, 2008

I’ve written a number of posts on The Saga of the Tetherball. The good news — the only good news — is that we’ve recovered the camera that had pictures of Boppa and Benton playing tetherball in sub-20 degree (Fahrenheit) weather: The bad news is that we aren’t the only people who have taken pictures […]

Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’…Keep Those Pink Wheels Rollin’…

Date February 19, 2008

I mentioned in an earlier post that Alana is surprisingly adept on her brothers’ Razor Scooters. I also mentioned that all three kids happily ride these scooters in extremely frigid weather (Benton and Carson have both experimented — unsuccessfully — with riding them on snow). What I failed to mention is that Julie took a […]

Visiting with Cousins

Date February 16, 2008

We uprooted the family so we could move closer to my family. Friday night, we got together with my cousins, Lisa and Michael, and their families: 9 children, 6 adults, 2 large pizzas, 1 very large yellow lab, and 1 Nintendo Wii. Chaos. Bedlam, even. Overall, it was FUN! Michael failed to change Luke’s diaper […]

Valentine’s Day Parties

Date February 16, 2008

When Carson’s class celebrated Valentine’s Day, Alana and I stopped in to see some of the activities, which included a variety of crafts and games. I managed to snap a few pictures of this Kindergarden celebration to better capture the moment. Above, Carson reluctantly poses for a picture with his friend John during Valentine Bingo. […]