Date March 4, 2008

Dear Tim,

We hope you are enjoying your vacation from chores while in Austin this week. We are following our normal routine of generating dirty clothes (mainly Alana who likes to change outfits at least 3 times a day), washing and drying the clothes, and then lining the laundry baskets up for you to fold when you return. You have been gone for 3 days now and already Benton is out of pants and Alana ran out of underwear, so we decided we needed to fold a little laundry before you returned later in the week.

We planned to fold all but one basket of laundry. Benton and Carson took care to sort the baskets and make sure we folded what they needed. So, yes, praise us for our willingness to step in and take over for you in your absence. As you can see, we left you only one basket.

Much Love,

Your ever-so-domesticated laundry-folding-averse wife

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