When the Wives Are Away, the Husbands Plant Trees

Date April 17, 2012

Catching up, as this was several weeks ago, but better late than never! The week after Julie and the kids returned from spring break, and thinking it was Julie’s last weekend before heading back to work, a hastily-planned “girls’ weekend” up at Lake Erie was planned. That left a neighborhood full of fathers with their […]

Visiting the Farm: Part 3 — The Kids

Date September 15, 2010

Alana Carson Carson actually got to go solo on the 4-wheeler (with an adult following and with strict rules), which made the weekend all on its own for him. He loved driving over to The High Point (which he’s making the final ascent to below): We don’t actually require that he wear a helmet while […]

Doughnuts, anyone?

Date February 1, 2010

More from our weekend in West Virginia… Benton and I went for several 4-wheeler rides and just couldn’t resist having a little fun in the snow (as always, if you can’t play the video directly, just click on the link and you should get to the YouTube page where it will play):