How to Tell You’ve Found a Great Babysitter

Date October 19, 2008

Saturday night: 5:00 PM — Sitter arrives 5:10 PM — Carson says, “It’s Riley again?! She’s always here.” But, he isn’t really upset about it. 5:30 PM — Leave for an evening of clothes shopping followed by dinner 10:00 PM — Arrive home 10:02 PM — Head upstairs. Hear a very cheerful, “Hi, Dad!” from Carson’s […]

In Lieu of a Date Night, We’ll Go with a Blog Post

Date September 18, 2007

Ah, the challenges of moving to a new town. Julie’s been checking out babysitting options practically from the moment she hit town. For the short-term — until we build up contacts elsewhere — she thought she had a winner with a babysitting service. You pay a sign-up fee, then some nominal per-use fee, and then […]