Cooperstown, NY — Part 1 of 2 — Dreams Park

Date August 18, 2011

Summer’s winding down, but we managed to squeeze in one more family trip before school starts. This one was a 9.5-hour drive (each way) to Cooperstown, New York, to see a friend play the first couple of games of a youth baseball tournament, to see the Baseball Hall of Fame, and to check out whatever […]

How to Give a 12-Year-Old Boy a Good Night’s Sleep

Date May 22, 2011

Saturday, May 21, 2011. 9:00 AM — Benton’s first soccer game of the end-of-season tournament Sanga (Benton’s team) wins…although the camera caught Benton getting burned by an opposing player right in front of the parents’ sideline (for which he received some lighthearted ribbing…and proceeded to almost get the giggles on field): 10:30 AM — Benton’s […]

Benton and Baseball

Date June 1, 2010

Benton’s baseball season officially got under way last weekend. The team has been practicing for a couple of months, and the first scheduled games of the season got rained out. Benton told me on the ride home that he officially has four different pitches he now throws effectively (none of them are risky arm-wise — […]

Carson’s First Baseball Game of the Season

Date May 15, 2010

Friday was the first game for the Rangers. Carson has a lot of friends on the team, and it’s the same core team that he played with a couple of years, including the same coach.

One Anecdote on the Awesomeness of College Baseball

Date April 16, 2010

This should be my last Longhorn baseball post recapping our trips of the past few weeks, but there was a story worth sharing from Sunday’s game against the Kansas Jayhawks. A Longhorn batter — I think it was Kevin Lusson, but I’m honestly not sure exactly who it was — came up to bat early […]

Alana’s Birthday was in June…

Date August 9, 2009

Julie won a gymnastics birthday party in some sort of silent auction fundraiser, which meant Alana’s birthday theme was pre-ordained. It worked out well (Benton and I missed it due to one of his baseball games). There was a good mix of kiddos (the beauty of neighborhood hand-me-downs — only one of the boys in […]

Developing Some “Junk”

Date July 21, 2009

Benton is really enjoying baseball this season, and he’s developed into one of the most consistent and accurate pitchers on his team. Unfortunately, he’s not one of the most powerful pitchers at the same time. Last season, he singlehandedly “invented” the off-speed pitch — realizing that a slow ball can be as hard to hit […]

Alana’s Future Career

Date July 3, 2009

It’s really too early to be pinning down a specific career track, but Alana has been showing potential in a variety of areas. Soap Box Derby Racer Baseball/Softball Player Wrestler Plumber

It’s Time for Baseball!

Date June 1, 2009

And, I’m not talking about the Texas Longhorns (although their NCAA record 25-inning game in the regional, followed up by a come-from-behind, finished with a grand slam win against Army the next day were certainly compelling stories over the weekend). No, this post is about the start of the Dublin Dodgers season — Benton’s team. […]

Texas Longhorn Baseball

Date March 12, 2009

This might be a record when it comes to a time span during which we haven’t added any posts. I’ve been ridiculously busy at work (happy to have a job, no matter how the job itself is…), and Julie’s gotten herself sucked into some major volunteer work through the boys’ school. And…we haven’t been taking much […]