Carson’s Birthday — A Late, Yet Early, Post

Date October 24, 2010

Carson’s birthday is in late November, which is second only to being within 3 days of Christmas when it comes to ugly timing for a kid’s birthday party. For the past few years, his birthday party has been small (although last year was an overnight trip to an indoor water park with two of his […]

Alana’s Birthday was in June…

Date August 9, 2009

Julie won a gymnastics birthday party in some sort of silent auction fundraiser, which meant Alana’s birthday theme was pre-ordained. It worked out well (Benton and I missed it due to one of his baseball games). There was a good mix of kiddos (the beauty of neighborhood hand-me-downs — only one of the boys in […]

Benton’s Belated 9th Birthday Party

Date May 31, 2008

With Easter and Spring Break overlapping in late March, Benton’s 9th birthday was celebrated in Virginia at Grandma Marilyn’s house with my cousin, a great aunt, and other friends and family. It just wasn’t going to pan out to have a birthday party with his school friends at that time. So, by the time we […]