Boring Bookshelves Post

Date May 11, 2011

A few weeks ago, it looked like I was going to have a clever, “Aren’t we crafty?” post where I would include both a picture of the bookshelves I finished building for our basement (a simple “more horizontal space to store crap on” project) and Julie had finished a sewing project that was initiated 2.5 […]

How I Spent My Week Between Jobs

Date November 9, 2008

Clearly, I wasn’t blogging! We’ve got a slew of photos/experiences to document — Halloween, a trip to West Virginia, and Julie and Alana’s trip to Colorado. Exciting stuff. But, I’ve been almost-all-consumed by seeing how much headway I could make on a built-in bookcase/window seat in our family office. Julie picked the basic design out of […]