The Freedom of the Farm

Date December 19, 2010

I posted this on YouTube and on Facebook shortly after Thanksgiving, but I realize I never got around to dropping it in a blog post. We were at Julie’s dad’s farm, and a certain mother decided that it was a good time for her eldest son to get behind the wheel. Of her husband’s truck, […]

Carson on a Roll

Date May 24, 2008

Last night was a late night on all fronts: Julie, Carson, and Alana were at the block party that Julie initiated/coordinated as a welcome/farewell/get-to-know-each-other event — diligently planned around the work and travel schedules of as many people as possible on the block, but overlooking… Benton’s first baseball games of the season — a double-header […]

When I get bigger…

Date February 22, 2008

Wait a minute. Isn’t that Carson’s booster seat that Alana’s gotten herself strapped and settled into? Then, where’s Carson? Oh. Note the lack of keys in the ignition.