Carson the Fisherman

Date October 21, 2012

Carson has been a pretty avid fisherman for the past year or so, and that interest continued through the summer and into the fall: Fishing below the dam near our house Fishing during our family trip to Geneva-on-the-Lake on Lake Erie The monstrous walleye haul when he went across the Canadian border in Lake Erie […]

Cooperstown, NY — Part 3 of 2 (I know) — the Campground

Date August 21, 2011

It turns out, our long weekend in and around Cooperstown, New York appears to warrant three posts rather than the initially planned two. Rather than staying in a hotel, Julie found Shadow Brook Campground, which had a good-sized camper already on-site that we could rent, a small pond that allowed fishing (no license required), and paddle […]

Carson + 2 Grandparents + Maine = Heaven

Date August 24, 2009

Carson headed up to Maine with my parents for a week-and-a-half. I got the photos off their camera, but can only provide the sparsest of descriptions. I think the evidence indicates he had a great time! Hiking Kayaking Kayaking with Boppa Swimming/Snorkeling with Boppa Fishing “Birdwatching” Sculpture Climbing

Fishing on the Farm

Date July 20, 2009

Bob has a small pond with plenty of fish on the farm, which makes for good fishing for youngsters.

Fishin’ in West Virginia

Date April 14, 2008

I wrapped up an utterly exhausting week in Austin by getting 3.5 hours of sleep on Friday night, catching a 5:40 AM flight back to Columbus (via Houston), and then getting in my truck to drive 3 hours out to Bob’s farm in West Virginia. I arrived shortly after 2:00 in the afternoon, which meant […]