Summer Trip Part 4 of ? — Flora and Fauna

Date August 2, 2011

There are minimal humans in this post recalling our summer trip to Canada and Maine and points in between. But, I got a few shots that seemed worth sharing of critters and such. Some ducks near the shore of Rangeley Lake: A ring-billed gull flying overhead near the shore of the lake near downtown Rangeley: […]

Visiting the Farm: Part 5 — Flora and Fauna

Date September 17, 2010

There were several species of butterflies flitting around during our visit to West Virginia. Maybe, some day, I’ll actually learn the species! Carson actually found this fella’ on an apple tree near The High Point: Some Flowers

The Garden: With and Without a Y-Chromosome

Date April 30, 2009

“Oh, look, there are our kids and the neighbor kids out in the back garden. What do you think they’re doing?” “Alana? Whatcha’ doing, honey? Oh! Gardening! Getting those tulip bulbs planted, I see. How nice!” “Andrew? Carson? Jack? What are you guys up to? Are you planting flowers, too?” “Oh.”

Easter Weekend at the Farm: Spring has Sprung

Date April 17, 2009

No kids here — just an assortment of nature photos I took over the weekend.