Field Day at Glacier Ridge Elementary

Date May 17, 2008

“Field Day” — a long-standing tradition at elementary schools across the country — was this past Friday. For kindergarteners, fathers were encouraged to attend to bond/chaperone with their kids. In a moment of intoxication/exhaustion/hypnosis/I’m-not-exactly-sure-what, I agreed to go. Keeping in mind that crowds make me uncomfortable, and handling more than one kid at a time […]

An Eventful Weekend

Date March 17, 2008

Saturday: Start with the Glacier Ridge Elementary Spring Meltdown (read: many kids, running wild, throughout the school). Carson was pretty hooked on the inflatable bouncer/slide/caterpillar/Velcro wall set up in the gym:  And there was face painting. Shocker: Carson went for the camouflage and Alana went for the butterfly. That was followed up by a birthday party…at Pump […]

Because I’m Not Allowed to Include the Benton Picture

Date January 14, 2008

Sunday was a chilly (~40 degrees F), drizzly day. But, given my lack of success with the home tetherball installation, Benton pestered us into heading to his school to play tetherball. In and amongst getting ready to go for that, Alana’s Princess Big Wheel made its way from the basement to the first floor. All […]

When Julie Talks, the PTO Listens!

Date October 16, 2007

Last week, I made a brief entry about the night that Julie attended her first Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) meeting. She was going out of curiousity — curious as to whether that would be a good place for her to invest her time and energy. The two pieces of information about the meeting that she relayed […]