Alana’s dress-up luncheon

Date May 28, 2009

After heading to her 50th High School Reunion in Akron, Grandma Marilyn came to town.  Since she won’t be here in June when Alana celebrates her 4th birthday, Grandma took her out on a special birthday luncheon. This ladies only-luncheon was a dressy affair to the Cheesecake Factory.  Alana dried her hair, picked out her […]

One week in October – without Tim

Date October 17, 2008

It has been awhile since I have taken the time to post to the blog.  I am WAY overdue.  In the past few weeks we have had many postable events, including a family reunion in Wadsworth with our new nephew Markus.  Those will have to wait.  For tonight, I thought I would give you a […]

Alana the Purple Fairy

Date September 22, 2008

Grandma Marilyn brought Alana a purple fairy outfit when she met up with Julie and the kids in Pennsylvania on the last leg of our summer vacation. It was a hit! Alana wanted to wear it without a shirt, but Julie insisted that she be more clothed:  Unfortunately, when they returned home, Julie didn’t tell […]

When Grandma Comes to Town

Date February 10, 2008

Grandma Marilyn rolled into town on Thursday and brought with her a carload of stuff that Julie and she are dividing up to unload between craigslist and eBay. In the meantime, Carson has set up a “museum” in the family room with all of the neat stuff (he really wants to publicize the museum’s existence […]

The Crib is Gone

Date January 31, 2008

As Tim reported earlier, Alana slept in her big girl bed for the first time on Tuesday night. This is the bed that was my mother’s when she was a little girl, which Alana refers to as “Grandma’s bed” simply because Grandma Marilyn slept in it while she was in her crib the first few […]

Holiday Hop — By Golly, We Live in a Pretty Cool Town!

Date December 2, 2007

With Julie’s mom in town for a few weeks, we’ve been doing our best to take advantage of the free sitting to get out a bit. From little things like making an ice cream run to bigger things like pulling off a bona fide date night, it’s been nice! Of course, I’m flying down to […]

Making Friends with Bumper Stickers

Date November 29, 2007

Julie’s mother came into town for a few weeks on Wednesday. To celebrate her arrival, Julie and I made a run to Handel’s Ice Cream to pick up some peppermint stick ice cream. Handel’s ice cream is good stuff. There’s one ten minutes from us, and it’s open year-round. The first few times we went […]

A Long and Rambling Update

Date September 30, 2007

While I was fiddling around with putting together documentation for Julie as to how to post updates to this blog, I re-realized that there is a feature in the tool I use that allows blog posts fairly simply (apparently — we’ll see) through e-mail. Not only will this sort of feature seem old hat to […]