Gilligan on the AT Revisited: 12-Aug-1993

Date July 28, 2008

This is a 5-month long series of blog posts that are the entries in my journals written on most evenings as I hiked the Appalachian Trail in 1993. The journal entry appears first — indented — and then any additional commentary from my 15-years-removed perspective follows. 8/12/93 – Thur. I’m staying at the RPH cabin […]

Bob/Johnny –> Kris –> John/Steve –> Dan

Date October 11, 2007

This post isn’t really an update on the Wilsons. It’s just interesting music geneology that struck me this week. Bob/Johnny As in “Dylan” and “Cash.” The former was a major star in 1965 when he didn’t notice the janitor emptying ashtrays in the recording studio he was workin in. The latter recorded that janitor’s first […]