HARD Sleeping

Date March 13, 2009

Sometimes, Julie really lines up a day full of back-to-back active activities for the kids. The end result of one of those days:

Slumbering Siblings

Date December 18, 2008

Alana really likes to have company when she goes to bed and will take “snuggle time” with any human in the building. She’s in hog heaven right now, since Grandma Marilyn is in town and sleeps with her all night! The bed was Julie’s when she was growing up and her mother’s when she was […]

Versatility Is the Key

Date November 17, 2007

Julie headed out this afternoon to run several errands. The kids and I settled in to watch the OSU-Michigan game (Go Buckeyes!). It turns out that only Carson has a football attention span anywhere near long enough to watch an entire football game. Alana was playing with Legos in the family room, and I asked […]