Swim Team Begins…

Date June 12, 2011

Carson and Alana are both doing swim team this year — the first time for both of them. The first meet — an intra squad affair — was held last Wednesday. Both kids swam in four events and, overall, enjoyed themselves (we’re enjoying the forced improvement of their swimming skills). Carson Pre-swim body art (it […]

Carson + 2 Grandparents + Maine = Heaven

Date August 24, 2009

Carson headed up to Maine with my parents for a week-and-a-half. I got the photos off their camera, but can only provide the sparsest of descriptions. I think the evidence indicates he had a great time! Hiking Kayaking Kayaking with Boppa Swimming/Snorkeling with Boppa Fishing “Birdwatching” Sculpture Climbing

Family Vacation Part 5: IN the Water

Date August 25, 2008

The temperature of the water in Rangeley Lake hovered between 69 and 71 degrees Fahrenheit during our stay. Several of the locals commented about how it had “finally warmed up,” and both myself and Bob Herbert agreed that the water seemed a tad warmer than the last time we had been in it. But it […]

Doesn’t the Prospect of a Swim Make Any Kid Happy?

Date August 25, 2007

One of the kids’ many trips to go swimming at various places over the past month. And…heck…they actually stopped and smiled at the camera! A rarity!