Then and Now: Julie and Inanimate People

Date September 8, 2008

Something about international travel brings out the “I want to hang out with non-people” in Julie. Apparently: Then (circa 2003, Krakow, Poland): And Now (circa 2008, Ottawa, Canada):

Then And Now: Amicable Brothers on Family Vacation

Date August 31, 2008

Then (Family Vacation to Colorado — July, 2006) Now (Family Vacation to Maine — August, 2008)

Then and Now: Alana’s Hair

Date July 1, 2008

Though sleeping in the car seems to be coming a less frequent past time for Alana, she still manages a few good, head-dropping, dead-to-the-world snoozes. Notable here is not so much how much she has grown, but how much her hair has grown. Then: Alana in July 2006, Age 1 Now: Alana in April 2008, […]

Then and Now: Carson’s Baseball

Date June 29, 2008

Not only has Carson grown, but he has gotten more “formal” in his uniform for the sport of baseball over the past few years — probably a good thing since he likes to slide in the dirt at home plate. Then: Carson in July 2005, Age 4 Now: Carson in June 2008, Age 6 Then: […]

Then and Now: Tim and Alana

Date June 24, 2008

“Then” was in 2005 and “Now” was at our “fancy dinner” outing in November, 2007.

Then and Now: Bridge Building

Date May 21, 2008

Carson became interested in playing with the Zome building set last week. It is a collection of white connector balls that have specific shapes for corresponding sticks to poke into it. It makes for building great geometric shapes. He decided to make a bridge and insisted on having his picture taken. This reminded me of […]

More Then and Now pictures

Date October 2, 2007

Ok -the directions Tim typed up for me so I could post to this blog are apparently dangerous in my hands, as I cannot seem to stop myself. You see, while looking at the pictures of Carson, I thought I would see what struck me as other good comparison pictures. So as not to unfairly […]

Carson — Then and Now

Date October 2, 2007

This post came about after I browsed through a few pictures on our computer. When I saw this picture of Carson, I was struck by how much the features he had as a baby (aged 15 months) are still so prevelant in his pictures at age 5 and a half years. Carson – March 2003 […]

Then and Now

Date August 25, 2007

Not actually the comparison photo I was looking for, but it’ll do: