Scoff at Twitter if You Must…but Congrats on the Arrival of Neve Elaine Wilson!

Date January 20, 2010

I had a fun little Twitter experience yesterday. I put Hootsuite up in a browser on my laptop when I’m at work, so I’ve got an easy way to glance over and, in under a second, see if there are any replies, direct messages, or tweets from various lists (it’s not multitasking, as scientists have […]

My 2009 End-of-the-Year Endorsements

Date December 31, 2009

This post has nothing to do with the kiddos and everything to do with a list of non-family “things” I have found myself enjoying immensely or finding highly informative over the course of 2009. Documenting them here for posterity’s sake (with my signature verbosity, unfortunately). Podcasts As I think about it, I can trace my […]

Catching Up with the Wilsons — Text Only

Date February 8, 2009

Our blogging has tapered wayyyyyyyy off, we realize. Partly, I think, that’s because we just haven’t been putting our cameras to heavy use of late, and we’d gotten to where we were relying on pictures for inspiration. That…and we’ve had quite a bit going on. So, in no particular order — not even sequential: My […]