A Bucket of Balls Plus Uncarpeted Stairs

Date January 5, 2011

Benton and Carson got a metal tin of assorted rubber balls for Christmas as quasi-hand-me-downs from their cousins. Somebody (I’m pretty sure it was Julie) suggested that it would be cool to dump them down the stairs. Earlier this week, Carson had a friend over (that’s his friend at the top of the stairs — […]

Christmas at the Wilsons in 29 seconds

Date December 26, 2009

Camera, tripod, remote shutter release –> Picasa:

“Of COURSE you want to watch us crash Legos, Grandma!”

Date April 6, 2009

Benton + Carson + Alana + Cousin Markus + Grandma-recovering-from-hip-replacement-surgery + Benton’s Flip Ultra video camera = Video shooting, editing, and posting to YouTube all by Benton. I don’t get the last part.

A Burgeoning Videographer Posts His Work

Date February 23, 2009

Benton’s been going nuts with videos with his new Flip Ultra video camera. For more of his work, you can jump over to our YouTube page at http://youtube.com/timwilson7.

Creativity Abounds at the Wilsons’…

Date February 15, 2009

First, there is the Valentine’s Day tradition of the intra-class valentine exchange. Benton’s class had a contest when it came to the creation of their valentine boxes. Benton conceived and executed a military-themed box, which received an honorable mention in the all-around category: Meanwhile, Julie is introducing the neighborhood to the art of cake decorating that she […]