At the Beach

Date October 18, 2012

More pictures from our four-day camping trip to the shores of Lake Erie. We camped a half-mile from the beach, which made for an easy bike ride there and back (all told, between rides to the beach, rides into town, and rides to the marina, we logged ~24 miles each — including Alana!). Onto the beach pictures:

Not exactly rock-skipping conditions, but rock-tossing was good enough for Benton:

Benton tosses rocks into Lake Erie

Carson and Julie scavenged for interesting stones:

Carson and Julie look for interesting rocks

Sand play collaboration occurred in fits and spurts:

Alana and Carson

And the sunsets weren’t bad, either (that’s Julie in the middle-right of the picture):

Sunset over Lake Erie

Julie and Benton

Sunset over Lake Erie

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