A Drizzly Walk

Date April 19, 2012

Carson and I headed to a local metro park last Saturday for a hike. The weather alternated between a light drizzle and a steady drip, and we got a little too ambitious with the path we’d chosen, but it all worked out in the end. Carson went through three different walking sticks — hamming it […]

Carson + 2 Grandparents + Maine = Heaven

Date August 24, 2009

Carson headed up to Maine with my parents for a week-and-a-half. I got the photos off their camera, but can only provide the sparsest of descriptions. I think the evidence indicates he had a great time! Hiking Kayaking Kayaking with Boppa Swimming/Snorkeling with Boppa Fishing “Birdwatching” Sculpture Climbing

Hiking with Carson

Date March 15, 2009

Last winter, Carson and I got into a routine for a while of going on Saturday morning hikes. Between soccer and other interests, he hasn’t been all that up for them this year. But, I did coax him out for a hike in Highbanks Metro Park in Powell last weekend. The mid-point of the hike […]

Another Outing with Carson

Date December 2, 2007

We were out of deer feed for our backyard visitors, so Carson and I made a run up to Delaware (Ohio) to Champaign Feed and Supply yesterday. On the way, we stopped off to check out the Ohio Wildlife Center satellite facility that I’d noticed on my last trip up to Delaware. It’s just 10 […]

We Finally Explore the 10-Acre Farm Behind Our House

Date November 17, 2007

Carson and I decided last night that it was time for us to go on a hike and explore the 10-acre “farm” to which our house backs up, which we did after breakfast this morning. It’s got a little creek running through it, and we saw what I’m pretty sure was a wolf. Julie’s seen […]