Entries from June 2011

A Spontaneous Cheerleading Clinic

Date June 26, 2011

Friday evening, as I was sacked out face down on the bed after an excruciatingly long week, our front yard became the spot of a spontaneous cheerleading clinic led by The Dedie. The Dedie Walks Annie, Alana, Gabriela, and Charlotte through Some Routines Annie, Gabriela, and Alana Show Off What They’ve Learned More Demonstrations by […]

Swim Team Begins…

Date June 12, 2011

Carson and Alana are both doing swim team this year — the first time for both of them. The first meet — an intra squad affair — was held last Wednesday. Both kids swam in four events and, overall, enjoyed themselves (we’re enjoying the forced improvement of their swimming skills). Carson Pre-swim body art (it […]

2.5 Years…but It’s DONE!

Date June 8, 2011

Back in the fall of 2008, I tackled a pretty ambitious project to add built-in shelves with a window seat to our office. The woodworking and painting was finished within a month, but the accompanying accessories have dragged out for a while — the need to find the right fabric and find the time to […]

Symmetrical Incisors

Date June 7, 2011

For regular followers of this blog (re: family members), you may recall that Carson caught a shovel in the face a couple of years ago that took off part of his lower (permanent) incisors. Last week (while I was in California), he took a tumble from a RipStick — scrapes and scratches…and now similar damage […]

Carson’s Off to a “Play Hard” Start to the Summer

Date June 6, 2011

Within a day of the start of summer, Carson had taken up with a kid that’s one cul de sac over. They’ve ridden the same school bus, so were comfortable acquaintances, but they’ve been roaming between houses and around the ‘hood constantly for the last week. They’ve done a lot of critter-collecting, too — mainly […]

What’s Cooking?

Date June 5, 2011

Over the Memorial Day weekend, Benton was busy with baseball and various friends, Carson was really busy with new friends (more on that in the next post), and Alana…was bored. We filled the time by multiple projects in the kitchen: We started by making gingerbread cookie dough (not really the season for that, but it’s […]

Texas-Sized in Ohio

Date June 4, 2011

While Benton was mowing the yard last weekend, he came across this (dead) moth. A 2-chapstick wing span!

Last Day of School

Date June 3, 2011

The last day of school for the kids was last Friday. I’m a week late on getting anything post on that front because Julie celebrated our 17th anniversary that weekend by leaving me with the kids and going to her mom’s. It all worked out, though, as she did ultimately come back home late Monday […]