Entries from March 2011

2011 Spring Break Part 3a: Niagara Falls (People Free)

Date March 30, 2011

Depending on your interest, this is either a bonus post or a throwaway post. It’s a handful of additional pictures I took at Niagara Falls that didn’t feature any Wilsons in them. Upstream of the falls. The big mass at the top right of the photo is a barge that has been there since 1918 […]

2011 Spring Break Part 3: Niagara Falls

Date March 29, 2011

The last leg of our trip was to Niagara Falls — the Canada side. Julie, who manages to plan these sorts of things perfectly, landed us a room at the Embassy Suites with quite a view: I couldn’t resist seeing if I could get decent pictures at night… …and as the sun came up: Not […]

2011 Spring Break Part 2: Skiing in Ellicottville, New York

Date March 28, 2011

Thanks to a Christmas gift of weekly skiing passes at a couple of mounds near to Columbus, all three of our kids have become pretty competent skiers. Benton quickly got hooked on snowboarding and hasn’t looked back. Carson bounces back and forth between skiing and snowboarding, but looks like he’s leaning towards the latter. We […]

2011 Spring Break Part 1: San Francisco Sans Kids

Date March 27, 2011

Two weeks ago today, I got in my truck and drove to Cleveland to catch a flight to the west coast. 12 days and 6 beds later, I returned home this past Friday. The quick rundown looks more like one of my parents’ itineraries than one of mine, but it went like this: 3 nights […]

Spring Football — Springburn-Style

Date March 26, 2011

We had a warm weekend afternoon a couple of weeks ago, and most of the neighborhood boys found their way to the cul de sac for some spontaneous throwing, catching, and punting drills: Austin Alex Andrew Carson

Is This Thing Still On?

Date March 20, 2011

Abruptly and unexpectedly, we sorta’ stopped posting since, er, January. That was driven by a mix of things, all of which come down to, “Not enough hours in the day…” I have been keeping up with my professional blog, which is good for what it does, but not of interest to most people reading this […]