Entries from December 2008

How the Times They Are a’ Changin’

Date December 30, 2008

Carson’s first grade teacher sent out a note last night inviting parents to sign up on a private wiki she’d set up that she will be using as one of the tools for exploring technology with her students in the second half of the year. In passing, she mentioned her blog. That’s right. Carson’s teacher […]

Merry Christmas!

Date December 25, 2008

Hangin’ with the Neighbors

Date December 23, 2008

Julie was inspired last week to have a “sensory play” experience — figured Alana wasn’t too old, and the next-door neighbors probably weren’t, either. Cooked spaghetti, Cheerios, scissors, scoopers –> happy kids!


Date December 22, 2008

“I am NOT going to push gymnastics!” the mother repeatedly exclaimed…and then scheduled her seven-year-old’s party as a gymnastics event where her three-year-old could climb up on a balance beam.   Methinks she doth protest too much…

Does One Ever Grow Out of the Allure of Styrofoam Peanuts?

Date December 21, 2008

Hat Head, Anyone?

Date December 20, 2008

A Series of Unfortunate Accessories

Date December 19, 2008

The first real snow of the year, and Alana donned a mish-mash of warmth-ifying accessories, and then decided to clean the snow off my truck.

Slumbering Siblings

Date December 18, 2008

Alana really likes to have company when she goes to bed and will take “snuggle time” with any human in the building. She’s in hog heaven right now, since Grandma Marilyn is in town and sleeps with her all night! The bed was Julie’s when she was growing up and her mother’s when she was […]

Carson Gets “Fancy”

Date December 17, 2008

Benton would rather change a dirty diaper than wear a collared shirt of any sort. Even a simple, cotton, Polo shirt. Nuthin’ doin’. Carson, on the other hand, can be quite the dandy! On one of her “we just have to go check out this sale” outings with the neighborhood gals, Julie picked up an […]

The Question I Haven’t Effectively Answered for a Decade

Date December 14, 2008

“So, Tim, what exactly is it that you do?” Various ways I’ve tried to give quick, yet accurate, answers: “I work with data” “I work in marketing” “Data management” “Data warehousing and business intelligence” Sadly, most of the people who get one of these responses insist on probing for more information. And genuinely regret the decision […]