Entries from June 2010

Texas Trip — the Final Stop: Lake Whitney

Date June 19, 2010

After the Love-Eades Family Reunion and swinging by the fountains in Richardson, we headed out of Dallas to visit with my dad’s side of the family at their place on Lake Whitney. My cousin came up as well, so we also got so see her and her oldest two kids. All of the kids clicked […]

The Fountains in Richardson…

Date June 17, 2010

After the Love-Eades Family Reunion, we headed over to Richardson (Texas) to meet up with Julie’s godparents, Bruce and Cheryl Bone, at some fountains there that have become a tradition for us to visit when in town. Fountains + Kids + a Good Camera = some pretty fun shots. And, if that’s not enough, there […]

Love those (Love) Reunions

Date June 16, 2010

(See the end of this post for links to more pictures from this event.) We just got back from a trip to Dallas that started with a reunion of the Loves (and Eades) families. It was, ostensibly, timed around the 90th birthdays of my great-uncle, Bill Love, and great-aunt, Jane (Eades) Love. All of my […]

The Natural

Date June 5, 2010

With two older brothers playing baseball, and one of them having played baseball consistently for several years, Alana jumped at the chance to try whiffle ball this year. So far, they’ve just had a couple of practices. The team holds real promise. I mean, they’ve got a kid who actually has baseball pants AND cleats […]

They Grow Up SO FAST!

Date June 4, 2010

Today is a landmark day in the Wilson household, as today is the day that Benton graduates. From elementary school. Why, it seems like just five or six years ago that he was graduating from daycare. Or maybe that was Carson. Either way, I was traumatized by the experience of a South Austin hippie-run daycare […]

Alana’s and Carson’s First Sleepover

Date June 2, 2010

Two Fridays ago, we wound up with an afternoon of Cooperating Kids in our basement — Alana and Carson from our house, Alex from across the cul de sac, and Delaney from down the street. The cooperative play lasted for hours and hours and on into the night, so Julie (who had been up until […]

Benton and Baseball

Date June 1, 2010

Benton’s baseball season officially got under way last weekend. The team has been practicing for a couple of months, and the first scheduled games of the season got rained out. Benton told me on the ride home that he officially has four different pitches he now throws effectively (none of them are risky arm-wise — […]