Entries from October 2011

“I don’t want my kids to do gymnastics,” his wife said…

Date October 27, 2011

Early in our marriage, we joked about adopting a Romanian so that Julie could have a kid who might have a genetic inclination towards gymnastics. Once that urge passed, Julie took up judging gymnastics for a few years. Then we had kids. And Julie swore that the last thing she would want (well…right behind football) was […]

Hitting the (Grassy) Ski Slopes

Date October 26, 2011

Julie, Alana, Carson and I headed out to our local ski resort on Sunday to see if we could pick up some cheap gear for the coming season. While Julie rifled through the equipment, I took the kids up the slopes on the ski lift they had running (I was struck how much closer and […]

Nothing Says “Fire” Like Moose Poop

Date October 25, 2011

In a mad fit of work avoidance last Saturday, Benton and I busted out the milk crate of firestarter-making supplies and got busy. This was a milk crate in my workshopt that had slowly been accumulating all of the necessary ingredients: Egg cartons (Carson eats 4 eggs a day for breakfast these days…followed by a […]

Autumn in Ohio

Date October 19, 2011

Last Saturday turned out to be a gorgeous fall day. Benton and a few of his friends coordinated one of their get-togethers on a nearby field for a pick-up soccer game. I decided I sneak over and try to get some pictures of the action. When I arrived…they had decided to hang out on the […]

Camping in Hocking Hills

Date October 18, 2011

Our camping frequency has dropped off dramatically since we’ve moved to Ohio, so we decided in the middle of the summer to simply pick a weekend and make it happen. The trip was in late September, and we opened up the activity to a range of friends. As it turned out, my sister flew up […]

Alana’s Belated Tea-Birthday Party

Date October 17, 2011

While I am far behind on posting, and Alana did turn six back in June, and this is a post about Alana’s birthday party…the party occurred less than two weeks ago. You see, June was a busy month. School was over, summer travel was kicking into high gear, and Alana turned six. But, she didn’t get a party, […]

Alana’s Fall Sport: Soccer

Date October 16, 2011

Alana has had a busy fall of soccer, which she has thoroughly enjoyed.   On the day these pictures were taken, her father proposed that she put her hair into a pony tail, but she insisted that was not necessary.   Hanging out a Benton’s game — a girl’s gotta’ just chill sometimes:

Benton’s Fall Sports — Soccer and Cross Country

Date October 15, 2011

It’s been a busy fall on a lot of fronts, which is my excuse for not posting. I’ll see if I can get caught up with a few posts over the next few days. Starting off, Benton made his first foray into school-run sports by running cross country this fall. We’re not sure where exactly […]