Entries from November 2007

Making Friends with Bumper Stickers

Date November 29, 2007

Julie’s mother came into town for a few weeks on Wednesday. To celebrate her arrival, Julie and I made a run to Handel’s Ice Cream to pick up some peppermint stick ice cream. Handel’s ice cream is good stuff. There’s one ten minutes from us, and it’s open year-round. The first few times we went […]

Painting an Elephant

Date November 26, 2007

My dad likes the saying “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” I was reminded of this because Alana has been painting. She has become quite obsessive about her artwork, spending hours coloring over the past month, and most recently, painting. She is very much in a monochromatic stage, so generally […]

It’s All About the Accessories

Date November 25, 2007

Pink gloves. Who would deign to detract from those with…clothes?!

Julie and Carson’s "Fancy" Birthday Dinner

Date November 25, 2007

The downside for Julie when it comes to sharing a birthday with Carson is that…she’s going to be sharing her birthday with Carson for all eternity! The upside for Carson is that he gets multiple celebrations, it seems. On their actual birthday, Julie decided she’d like to go out to a nice dinner, so everyone […]

And. We. Have. SNOW! (Barely)

Date November 25, 2007

Still no snow in Columbus, but we headed north — towards Cleveland and the lake effect — for Thanksgiving. There was a sufficient dusting there to get the Wilson Kids outside and eagerly making snowballs off of the trampoline and deck. Their cousins followed…semi-reluctantly (it would be hard to find two kids who are better […]

The Tim-Julie Home Customization Duo Strikes Again!

Date November 19, 2007

It took several months, but we finally got our first functional/creative joint project knocked out. The boys were in the habit of dumping their backpacks outside the coat closet in the front hall, which is also where we store our shoes. So, we had a perpetual “Door Vomits Coats, Shoes, and Backpacks” modern art installation […]

Not What It Looks Like

Date November 19, 2007

These days, it’s rare to catch Carson and Benton within three feet of each other and being happy about it for more than about 30 seconds. So, how on earth did we get them to share a bed?! Well, this picture is wildly misleading. While I was in D.C. last week, Julie moved the trundle […]

Happy Patriots-Thanksgiving-Season Day

Date November 19, 2007

The kindergarteners at Carson’s school have been working for several weeks on a singing/recitation program that was part patriotic songs and partly Thanksgiving-ish songs…and recitations. This afternoon was the big event. Carson was excited that he got to get a pair of chinos to wear with his collared shirt. It’s impressive how many different pieces […]

‘Tis the Season…

Date November 19, 2007

Julie has learned that the best way to keep me from grousing about the impending appearance of Christmas decorations is to just start decorating. As you can see, she had a couple of elves who were eager to assist!

Versatility Is the Key

Date November 17, 2007

Julie headed out this afternoon to run several errands. The kids and I settled in to watch the OSU-Michigan game (Go Buckeyes!). It turns out that only Carson has a football attention span anywhere near long enough to watch an entire football game. Alana was playing with Legos in the family room, and I asked […]