Entries from November 2009

Thanksgiving in the Great Outdoors

Date November 27, 2009

We’ve been in Ohio for over two years now…and haven’t gone camping since we moved! That’s hard to believe, but it’s also easy to believe — the kids are getting to an age where they’ve got weekend commitments of one sort or another quite often, and, on 3-day and 4-day weekends when we would have […]

Mesmerized by the Fishies

Date November 21, 2009

We had a Forced Family Fun (FFF) outing to the Columbus Zoo last weekend. Julie and I teased Benton that we would head home as soon as we were convinced he was enjoying himself. He chuckled, in a pained and wincing way. I did get this picture with one of our little cameras when all […]

Hello? Is This Thing Still On?

Date November 17, 2009

Three weeks since we got a post up. Busy times: Minor remodel (paint, drywall, new lighting, new pictures) to our first floor half-bath — Julie (and me…because who doesn’t jump at the chance to hang drywall on a ceiling and tape and float it?) Trip to the Columbus Zoo — whole family (“Forced Family Fun,” […]