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Date April 18, 2010

Did you know that the biggest bird is the waved albatross.     🙂 The smallest bird is a humming bird.    😛 The feartestbird of all is the bald eagle .        😡 The fastest bird is a road runner .          😉 The coler folest bird is a paited buntting .    🙁  

Spring Means Sports

Date April 18, 2010

We’re fully into spring in Ohio, which means spring sports are rapidly ramping up. On Saturday, Benton had baseball practice from 10:00 AM to noon, and I had to pick him up early so we could race over to the soccer fields for a noon game where he needed to arrive at 11:45. He’d missed […]

One Anecdote on the Awesomeness of College Baseball

Date April 16, 2010

This should be my last Longhorn baseball post recapping our trips of the past few weeks, but there was a story worth sharing from Sunday’s game against the Kansas Jayhawks. A Longhorn batter — I think it was Kevin Lusson, but I’m honestly not sure exactly who it was — came up to bat early […]

Benton Catches Up with an Old Friend

Date April 15, 2010

Blog post inconsistency of late has been driven entirely by a busy, busy travel schedule — in a two-week period, I was in the Great Smoky Mountains, New York City, and Austin, and all of those were multi-night stays! I do have some share-worthy pictures that I’ll get rolled out into posts over the next […]

Spring Break 2010 in (near) the Great Smoky Mountains

Date April 6, 2010

It’s a crazy couple of weeks for me travel-wise, with part of that being due to a family trip down to North Carolina for the latter half of spring break. I’ve posted a handful of pictures (16) over on Flickr — it just doesn’t look like I’ll have time in the near term to get […]