Goofy Kids in Pictures

Date June 18, 2009

In a lot of ways, we have three hams as kids. There’s Obi-Wan Alana: There’s Carson as The Hulk: Racing down the Whites’ driveway on a John Deere (still photos really don’t do justice to the speed involved here): And…Benton doing the same thing on a tiny tricycle (this photo just seconds before he had […]

Even Siblings Sometimes Get Along

Date June 17, 2009

Julie commented 75% of the way through our trip to Austin that, despite the long days (all three kids were collapsing into bed at the end of each day), there were shockingly few full-blown meltdowns. More surprisingly, the kids all had extended bouts of cooperatively playing with each other. One example is this picture of […]

Catching Up with Friends

Date June 16, 2009

The kids had lots of kids to play with during our trip to Austin last week. Some were friends they remembered and explicitly looked forward to seeing, some were friends they remembered after they’d gotten to see them, and some…Alana might not necessarily have remembered, but whom she quickly settled in with happily. Angela gave […]

Alana’s First Crush

Date June 15, 2009

I realize now that I left out a key detail in the story of Alana’s Build-A-Bear: the bear, although definitely a girl, is named “Charlie.” Alana has been on something of a Charlie kick, actually. Last month, when the Columbus Zoo conducted a contest to name their new baby elephant, Alana had Julie submit the […]

Nothing Says “Vacation” Quite Like a Hospital Bed

Date June 10, 2009

Our plan for the vacation was pretty straightforward: Julie would drive to Dallas with Carson and Alana, arriving on Saturday morning; Benton and I would stay in Dublin for his three baseball games and then fly down to Dallas on Saturday night; we’d spend Sunday and Monday morning visiting friends and family, and then drive […]

Alana’s Birthday Continues…

Date June 8, 2009

Alana’s birthday is not for another week-and-a-half, but she has started celebrating early. First, she got to have a fancy luncheon with Julie and Grandma Marilyn. Then, during our visit with the Bones in Dallas, she got a Build-A-Bear as an early birthday present from Bruce and Cheryl. Alana, Julie, and Aunt Cheryl headed out […]

Water Fun

Date June 7, 2009

We started off our weeklong return to Texas with a visit to Bruce and Cheryl Bone’s house in Mckinney. High on Julie’s list was taking the kids back to a water exhibit in Richardson right outside the Renaissance Hotel there. Jets of water shoot out from a bunch of holes in the ground in a […]