A Neighborhood Sledfest

Date February 10, 2010

Last weekend — starting on Friday, actually — we got just over a foot of snow. That was enough to make for plenty of outdoor activity, yet not so much as to keep us truly snowbound at home. On Saturday after lunch, Julie headed down to the end of our street with our kids and […]

Benton on the Farm

Date February 5, 2010

I really am taking the easy way out with these posts from our trip to West Virginia last weekend! I already posted the video of Benton on the 4-wheeler, but I snapped a few other pictures that seemed worth sharing. Going up… …and going down Pausing for a picture en route to the river with […]

Carson on the Farm

Date February 3, 2010

And…a few pictures of Carson from our West Virginia adventures last weekend. Sledding Hanging Out with Army Men and Legos in Grandpa’s Chair…While Benton Draws a Laser Bead Icicle I got to carry this 20-lb chunk of frozen water all the way back to the farmhouse (including up a lengthy, snowy, wooded incline) so that […]

Molly Goes Sledding

Date January 31, 2010

We headed to West Virginia for the weekend and were surprised when it snowed for most of the day on Saturday. Pleasantly surprised! The boys barely waited until the ground was covered before heading out to slide down the hill, despite the 12-degree weather. Julie got the idea to give Molly a ride down the […]

Snow + Hills = Hours and Hours of Fun

Date January 7, 2008

When we arrived Thursday late afternoon, the temperature was hovering around 20 degrees. I got everything turned on, and we thought we were in good shape. It wasn’t until after dark that we realized that there was no hot water — although the gas was on, it had really low pressure, which was enough to […]