Entries from August 2009

Favorite Recipes: Flour Tortillas

Date August 27, 2009

I’ve got at least a half-dozen posts that I’ve been meaning to get written, but it’s been a busy month for us. It’s a Catch-22 of sorts: the more we have going on, the less time we have to document it! One of the things I’d like to start writing up are our favorite recipes, […]

Carson + 2 Grandparents + Maine = Heaven

Date August 24, 2009

Carson headed up to Maine with my parents for a week-and-a-half. I got the photos off their camera, but can only provide the sparsest of descriptions. I think the evidence indicates he had a great time! Hiking Kayaking Kayaking with Boppa Swimming/Snorkeling with Boppa Fishing “Birdwatching” Sculpture Climbing

You Oughta’ See the OTHER Guy

Date August 17, 2009

Benton got a sty on his eye a week or so ago, and, in the process, picked up a touch of conjunctivitis. He looked like he’d gone a few rounds with Rocky for a few days and was a little self-conscious about going out in public. But, at home, he hatched the idea to give […]

Two Years Removed…But Still Compatible

Date August 16, 2009

Our two-part visit with the Herberts — great friends from Austin — wrapped up early on Saturday morning when Bob and Jack flew back to Austin. They swung through Columbus on their way back to Austin from Michigan (they also had stopped — with the Herbert women in tow — on their way to Michigan […]

A Trip to the Columbus Zoo with the Herberts

Date August 10, 2009

We had a visit from some good friends from Austin for a couple of nights last weekend. I met Bob the week after Jordan, his oldest, was born. His mother-in-law was in town from Michigan to help with the baby, which meant he was spending a lot of time walking their dog and looking for […]

Alana’s Birthday was in June…

Date August 9, 2009

Julie won a gymnastics birthday party in some sort of silent auction fundraiser, which meant Alana’s birthday theme was pre-ordained. It worked out well (Benton and I missed it due to one of his baseball games). There was a good mix of kiddos (the beauty of neighborhood hand-me-downs — only one of the boys in […]

So, “Permanent” Teeth You Say…?

Date August 3, 2009

Behind on posting…again…so this is news that is now over a week old. Julie headed to Cleveland for the day two weekends ago with Alana to attend her cousin’s baby shower. That left me with the boys for the day. And, was I ever on a Super Dad roll! To summarize: Built a plaster-of-Paris volcano […]