Entries from May 2010

Ann Arbor — Part II

Date May 31, 2010

A few shots from around the University of Michigan campus — near proximity to the Stephen M. Ross School of Business. The business school itself — the new building completed in January 2009: Future MBAs? A tree in the Cook Law Quad: A sampling of the gargoyles that adorn the windows and doorways of the […]

Squirrels in Ann Arbor

Date May 30, 2010

Squeezed into an absolutely insane week for me travel-wise, I managed to walk around the University of Michigan campus for a half hour and take some pictures. It’s a really nice campus, and, being a lush spring day, the fox squirrels were out in full force. This little fella’ was taking a drink from a […]

Last Soccer Games of the Season

Date May 29, 2010

Soccer season for Benton ended last weekend. He had an end-of-season tournament, where his team was expected to play two games before being knocked out (which they were), followed by the first baseball games of the season as a doubleheader. As it turned out, the baseball games got cancelled at the last minute due to […]

Carson’s First Baseball Game of the Season

Date May 15, 2010

Friday was the first game for the Rangers. Carson has a lot of friends on the team, and it’s the same core team that he played with a couple of years, including the same coach.

The Evolution of a Mom’s Attitude

Date May 14, 2010

There was a time in the Wilson Household when there was a sufficiently strong “don’t get our kids thinking about guns” mentality that even water pistols were dubbed “water squirters.” There was even a strong preference to find water squirters that were as non-gun-like as possible in appearance. A photo from Mother’s Day 2010: The […]


Date May 13, 2010

A couple of weeks ago was the multi-family neighborhood garage sale. It was a drizzly day, and, unlike the usual weekends in our ‘hood when multiple families wind up clustered at one house or another, logistics of the garage sale kept the adults tethered to their garages. The kids, though, were free to roam. Carson […]

red parrot

Date May 12, 2010

the red parrot lives in californiaand the trapicks it is a vary colerfl bird it is big to for a parret. It loves firut and bugs. It is red blue green to.