0-3, but I’m not really complaining

Date February 6, 2006

The series didn’t go as planned score-wise, as the Longhorns lost to USD 4-2, 6-0, and then 12-8. On the one hand, quite a shocker. On the other hand, baseball is one of those games where anyone can win any game on any given day. On the other hand…three days in a row?!

When it all comes down to it, there’s no such thing as a bad game of baseball, in my opinion. The weather was great. We met some great people. And, we got to check out some parts of San Diego that we’d missed last time.

The one glitch in the trip was that we mis-read the itinerary for the return trip and showed up at the airport 7 minutes after our flight departed. That delayed our departure a couple of hours. But, even that had an up-side, as that put us on the plane with the UT baseball team. That was pretty cool.

In no particular order, some interesting episodes during the trip — possibly to be elaborated on in a later entry:

  • The father of a red-shirt freshman pitcher from Rockwall sat across the aisle from us on the Dallas –> San Diego leg of the trip. His son didn’t actually make the trip, but his parents already had tickets. The father gave Bill his card — he’s an “editorial artist” for The Dallas Morning News. We’re going to do some digging on that. I think his son is Drew Bishop.
  • We met a former volunteer assistant coach for the USD team. He is now the assistant coach at a high school in San Diego. Nice guy.
  • On Sunday, we sat next to a couple who were from Pasadena. He is retired Air Force, and both of their sons live in Houston — they both attended Rice and are both now doctors. He noticed my brass rat, which sparked a discussion about MIT, as he spent some of his time in the Air Force at Hanscomb and in Cambridge, and worked with a number of MIT folk in the process.
  • We walked around the Coronado Hotel, which was pretty interesting. We entered through the “shops” area underground and were there for all of 45 seconds when the fire alarm went off. We walked back outside, and it didn’t look like the main hotel (on top of the shops) was being evacuated, so we went in. The alarm was shut off pretty quickly.
  • We walked around La Jolla a bit. The seals were interesting…but the shops really weren’t.

Back to work tomorrow. ’twas a good trip, overall!

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